Who is responsible for your happiness and success?



That was easy. I should end this article with that.


To blame anyone else for your lack of success and your lack of happiness is sheer irresponsibility.


The key to success is accepting responsibility for your failures and moving on.


If you make a mistake or go through a rough patch, keep pushing through and come out even stronger.


Don’t blame things that you cannot control. You cannot control the people around you so don’t base your happiness and your success on them. You cannot control where you come from so don’t let that define you. You cannot control your skin color so overcome whatever challenges may be associated with that.


Focus on what you can change. Get an education. Whether that means going to school or just reading whatever you can get your hands on.


Become the very best at whatever you do. If you are a garbage man, be the best garbage man there is. If you are a Congressman, be the best one there is.


I cannot stress this enough. Do not let your circumstances define you. We live in the United States of America… the land of opportunity. If you don’t like where you are, fix it!


I dropped out of college just a year away from graduation. I did not like where I was or what I was doing. It felt like a waste of time; I would never use my degree. Now I work for a national political organization and I make a real difference every day.


Once I decided that my excuses were not helping anything, my life changed for the better. I decided to make change happen myself instead of sitting back hoping someone else would do it.


Ghandi said, “You must be the change you wish to see.” I live my life by that. If something needs to change, it is my responsibility to make it happen.


That’s why successful businesses are successful. They see a need and they meet that need.


Why should you be any different? Be the change. Meet the need. Fix what you can and don’t worry about the rest.


Who is responsible for you happiness and success?


It’s certainly not me.


It’s certainly not your parents.


It’s certainly not the government.


It’s you!

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