For once, America should be happy about the division within the majority in Congress.  With the fight on the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act, finally everyone can see clearly who is a Republican and who is a RINO.   RyanCare, RINOcare, whatever it may be labeled, is nothing more than Obamacare-lite, keeping Americans’ tax dollars mixed up in a dysfunctional system.  

Republicans must not cave to the pressure of so-called moderates wanting to keep big government growing and growing.  The Trump election was a rejection of the establishment, and only a rejection of government run health care will ensure the establishment does not regain their stronghold on the swamp.  

This is a clear battle between a big government nanny-state and individual liberties, which side will you support?   Government is never the solution, for anything.  Why does healthcare cost so much?  The answer can be found in regulations, codes, and bureaucracy. 

The solution to high costs is simple as well, unleash the free market.   

In every sector, the free market provides better, cheaper, and more efficient services, continuing to try government intervention expecting different results is insane.  

Not a single program in the history of the federal government has ever been run with fiscal responsibility, due to how our bureaucracy is structured.  Everyone complains about every aspect of the government they interact with, so why do people on both sides of the political spectrum clamor for government to take care of their health?    

Our government can’t mail a letter efficiently, and you want them in charge of your health?  

Doctors are the only people qualified to make health decisions for people, and how those doctors get paid for their services is a private contract between the patient and doctor.  Simple logic explains the easiest and most inexpensive solution to any service contract is a one-on-one agreement, middlemen taking a cut, otherwise known as taxation, only increases costs.  

Yet, in our society we have already given out taxpayer money to buy healthcare for Americans.  If history teaches anything, once a group of people receive an entitlement they perceive to be free, it is almost impossible to take them away.  This push back can be seen across the country with protests, riots, rallies, and many other temper tantrums almost every weekend.  Americans are scared to lose the freebies, the handouts, the taxpayer money going to special interests.  
Multiple generations will learn a hard lesson in individual responsibility.  Some will whine, many will cry, and all will claim victim status to hold onto what are now perceived rights.    Abortion is not a right, it is Murder. Marriage is not a right, it is a legal agreement.  Healthcare is not a right, it is a service.   Forced to provide a service, one quickly will be a slave to the system.

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