Presidential Pivot, Democrat Stammer

Before President Donald J. Trump entered the halls of Congress for his address of unity and togetherness, the traditional ovations for guests in the chamber enlightened Americans on the current division in our Republic.  

The most notable of these was a familiar face missing from the night. Justice Ginsburg was not in attendance.   Health and happiness are always desired for everyone, yet the question must be asked, will President Trump get another nomination this early in his presidency, or is this a political move by a person who is supposed to be above politics?

President Trump swaggered into the halls of Congress with a blue and white striped tie,  breaking his tradition of solid red at major events.  Interesting choice, a great a show of unity, and a foreshadow of the speech soon to stun the floor of Congress, and all of America.

Far from the speeches of the campaign, or even recent events, President Trump arrived to deliver a message of unity and strength, a new chapter of American greatness and American pride.  A promise of renewal of the American Spirit, receiving an immediate standing ovation from the Republican half of the room.

Congress members Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Keith Ellison looked incredibly miserable. They have openly stated to oppose this President, yet the policies and plans he is discussing should be cheered by core Democrat principles.     President Trump discussed too much overseas spending, too much nation building, while not spending enough on infrastructure at home.   

What is the extreme left response?  Silence. 

Beginning the policy portion with economics, President Trump proceeded to list companies who are investing billions of dollars and creating tens of thousands of jobs.  Kick starting the American economy, bringing jobs back to the United States, and still only a standing ovation from half the room, while Congresswoman Pelosi looked highly agitated.

For the first time during the speech some of the Democrats finally got to their feet when President Trump discussed undoing Obama’s job-killing regulations on coal miners. Senator Joe Manchin stands first with the Republicans, beginning the standing ovation by everyone, except the hard left Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Keith Ellison, as President Trump discusses approval of keystone and Dakota pipelines, while mandating new American pipeline be made with American steel.

In a not-so-shocking moment, Senator Elizabeth Warren, seemed to not even be paying attention, being nudged by a fellow Democrat to clap for a call to give female entrepreneurs help in small businesses.  Have to love the open mindedness of Senator Warren.

He is your President, Fauxcahontas,  maybe you should pay attention to what he actually wants to do, not your hateful rhetoric.

In the most interesting moment of the night, Senator Bernie Sanders clapped when President Trump discussed making it easier for Americans to start a small business, and make it harder for businesses to leave the U.S.  While reducing the tax burden on American companies, so they may compete on a global scale with anyone, anywhere to create a level playing field for the American workers.

When even Bernie is clapping for capitalism, how can anyone argue with this statement?

In what appeared to stun the Democrats into confusion on whether to clap or not, President Trump addressed stopping the drug problem, expanding treatment, and making communities safer. This was an immediate standing ovation from the right side of the chamber, yet caused a delayed and weird clapping from the left.

It is funny to see people who have sworn to oppose everything, finally realize President Trump has good ideas.

Opening up the section on immigration, President Trump discussed building a “great great wall” on the southern border.   Discussing the immigration policies, he again discussed only allowing people who share our values to enter our country, and we must have vetting to protect us from those who wish to do us harm. Announcing a return to previous policy, President Trump discussed a merit based immigration system, where only those who can support themselves should be allowed into the country.  

An amazing concept, where our tax dollars only go to support Americans who need help, not the whole world.   

Destroying Radical Islamic Terrorism was a key message for President Trump’s address to Congress.  Informing America he has given the Department of Defense more authority to destroy the “lawless savages” while working with Muslim allies around the world to “extinguish [this] vile animal from our planet.”   As one would expect, this received a standing ovation from almost everyone, once again, minus the hard left Democrats.

Does Congresswoman Pelosi support ISIS?  

Touching on his desire for an infrastructure program, President Trump discussed investing a trillion dollars worth of investment in roads, bridges, and other programs.

Think about this for a minute,  Republicans are giving a standing ovation for a trillion dollars in spending bills, while the Democrats are silent.   

There is a glitch in the matrix.  

When the discussion of healthcare was reached, the outcome was humorous.   President Trump called on Congress to Repeal and Replace Obamacare, getting a thumbs down and groans from a lot of the Congress members on the left.   Hopefully they learned a lesson from jumping to a conclusion, as they soon changed their tune.   

As Trump went into details, he outlined the failures of Obamacare, and his plans for a better healthcare system.   While many Republicans may not be entirely happy with this plan, as it is still a government involved healthcare, none showed their displeasure in the moment.   

As with most things, an informed decision will always end in a better result, let’s hope the Democrats remember this night.  President Trump outlined key details of his plan for healthcare, and for the first time all night, all Democrats stood up for President Trump, excluding a few irrelevant members in the back of the chamber.  They quickly sat down and became quiet again, when President Trump announced his desire to allow competition across state lines.

Strange how Democrats hate competition.   

Showing his continued support for law enforcement, President Trump stated we must work with, not against, the men and women of law enforcement, and yet some Democrats still refused to clap.   This is insane, what world do we live when elected representatives refuse to clap for for police departments and law enforcement?  

President Trump has lofty goals, but if anyone can achieve more than any President in history, it is the man who is drastically different than any President in history.   Desiring to lift millions from welfare, a push to put American steps on foreign planets, explaining a prosperous America is not too much to ask, and neither is a safe America.  

Closing on the same message of unity as he opened, President Trump outlined we must find new partnerships to secure a safe and prosperous world.   Stating firmly “we want peace, not war.”  Discussing the historical ability to become friends with enemies, President Trump stated we must have a better world going forward.  Providing a strong message to bring us together, President Trump explained for all Americans to move forward, as one people,  we can only move forward together. “We are all made by same God.  We are all same blood, we all solute same flag.   Believe in yourself,  Believe in America.   Thank you and God Bless the United States.”  

As the speech concluded, the group of Republicans remained standing in respect for President Donald J. Trump, while the Democrat side of the room came near to a near sprint to exit the room.  A quick look at CNN and MSNBC showed what was inevitable, nothing but elected Democrats stuttering and stammering to spin a clear message of unity into what one pundit claimed was a vision of a ‘dark America.’   Still wondering what speech he watched.  

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