Words Can Not Hurt You

Very early on in life many children are, or at least used to be, given the best advice an individual could ever hear: words can not hurt you.  5 simple words never carried so much weight.

This basic, yet monumental idea is the basis for multiple life lessons which create the foundation for a successful and healthy adult member of society. Sadly, this concept has been lost over the past decade or so, and very few seem to care.

Many people do care about the outcome of such a disastrous decision, as seen in the pushback to the over PC culture and babysitting centers which our universities have become.  Yet waiting to complain about the outcome of bad policy and bad education, is like asking a mechanic to fix a car after the engine has blown up.  

Many parents and educators alike started the participation trophy concept, anti-bullying campaigns, and never told their children no, all three epicly horrible to the growth of children into functioning, contributing members of society.  

Winning and losing is a part of life, every life, and should not be hidden from anyone, regardless of age.

 Bullying is bad, but again, is a fact of life, and children need to be taught to ignore stupid people.

 No is something we hear everyday in adult life, why would you lie to children and not prepare them for this reality?    

Raising a generation of crybabies who are told to call 911 if someone says something mean, has created a generation who are rioting in the streets because of an election.  They learned early on in life, throwing a tantrum and crying will make everything OK and you can get your way.  

Being raised to always get what they want, generation cry-baby lives in a fantasy land where words and feelings are more important than actions and facts.  One only need to see the support last fall for a woman who caused the murder of Americans in Benghazi over a man who says mean things to see the outcome of this ‘feelings’ society.   

Feelings do not matter.   I believe this needs to be said again,


Some people will tell their children this is not true, mommy loves you.  This is true, and your feelings should matter to your family and friends.   However, when legal battles, regulations, and government policies are created based upon feelings instead of facts, society suffers.  

What happened to creating future leaders, real self-sufficient men and women who will contribute to society?    

Do the future of this great nation a favor, send Generation snowflake to spend some time at their grandma’s house, something tells me their antics will not fly for long.   


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