American Patriot

To: American Citizen

From: Federal Government

Subject: Make America Great


Dear American Citizen,

We have seen poverty. We have seen hatred. We have seen violence. We have seen wars.

In 2008, we saw the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. In response, I have artificially propped up our economy.

For years, we have seen the hatred of Americans by others and by ourselves. Outsiders have attacked us as seen by the attacks in 2001. We have attacked ourselves as we saw at Virginia Tech. Our world runs rampant with hatred and violence.

In response to the hatred and violence of others, I have sent your loved ones – sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters – to fight terror. I am sorry for your loss, but our interest in those countries is far too great to back down. Trust me. I know best.

In further response to violence, I have decided that you, the citizen, should not be allowed to own things which may be used to harm others. Give up your guns. Trust me. I know best.

In response to poverty, I have taken the property of some and promised it to others as I quietly take my part. I have instituted programs that help the poor and those who wish to take advantage of the system. Trust me. I know best.

To make our country safer, I have decided to limit what you can say and what you can do. Trust me. I know best.

You must avoid conversation that may be controversial. Never offend anyone. Conform your values for the benefit of those who may disagree with you. Trust me. I know best.

The unborn are not human lives, so it is fine to exterminate a pregnancy. It will help make our society better. There will be fewer citizens with mental illnesses. There will be fewer citizens born into poverty. Trust me. I know best.

Listen to me and do what I say. I know best. If you take my advice and live like I tell you, America will remain the “land of the free and home of the brave”.

Sincerely Yours,

The Federal Government



To: Federal Government

From: American Patriot

Subject: Re: Make America Great


Federal Government,

How can you say that I am free, yet you present it as if I do not have a choice? Why must you take my freedom? Freedom is what makes America great!

You say I cannot speak my mind for fear of offending others. I do not intend to offend others; however, I have a moral obligation to speak about what I believe. If I cannot do this, I am not free.

You say that it is beneficial to abort a pregnancy. It is never acceptable to end a human life. If our children cannot live, they are not free.

You say that I cannot own objects because they may endanger my life and the lives of others. If I cannot own something, I am not free.

You tell me to submit and follow orders. I decline. You do not give freedom. I already have it. The only thing you can do is take my freedom, and I respectfully declare that I will not let you do that. If you persist, my respect will run out.

For Liberty,

American Patriot

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