Milo Yiannopoulos is Cancer

Cancer is defined as “the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.” This definition fits Milo and his alt-right followers perfectly. Milo is a disease on conservative politics in the United States and has a rapidly growing following.

This article is not to construe Milo as alt-right. The alt-right is being lumped into this article because many of them admire Milo and follow in his footsteps with regard to distasteful rhetoric that has little to no benefit.

People often ask me, “Don’t you think Milo is good for the conservative movement by bringing more people, including gays, to the Republican Party?” My answer is always a bit complex. Let’s first list the facts:

    • The Republican Party does not always represent the conservative movement. The conservative movement is a group of people who have a similar philosophy of limited government, free market principles, and traditional values. The Republican Party often acts contrary this philosophy.
    • The Republican Party should represent the conservative movement. It should also try to bring new people into the movement.
    • Milo’s main issue seems to be freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is, as it should be, a nonpartisan issue – not just a conservative one.
    • Milo attempts to practice and defend free speech by offending as many people as possible while also associating himself with the “right”.
    • What is good for the conservative movement is persuading people that our ideology is correct. What is not good for the movement is needlessly pissing people off. What is not good for the movement is bringing people to our side simply because they like how offensive Milo is. This isn’t about being politically correct. This is about effectively reaching people who will benefit our cause.

Milo’s hateful and intolerant rhetoric, under the guise of free speech, is quickly becoming a threat to true conservatism because it turns off many people to our ideas while bringing in even more toxic people. While the alt-right prides themselves with being an alternative to traditional conservative politics, they are barely even conservative. They are just a group of people who get off on bullying others and whining when it is reciprocated.

Milo and his posse have every right to say what they want; however, it is reckless and distasteful. Milo may have some conservative values, but his choice of speech gives the rest of us a bad name. Milo Yiannopoulos is a cancer to the conservative movement.

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