21st Century Segregation

Throughout most of history, segregation was a normal act of all societies around the globe.  Whether it be for race, gender, class, title, or nationality, the concept of separation of people based upon societal creations was considered the norm, then came America.  

With 5 little words, All Men Are Created Equal, Thomas Jefferson and his fellow patriots eliminated the concept of class and title.  The full breadth of this statement may have taken almost 200 years to become a reality, but with the 1964 CIvil Rights act, no one could anymore be denied entry to an establishment based upon race or gender.  

What a wonderful concept, true equality, no special treatment for anyone.  

Sadly, equality lasted less than half a century.  The scourge of segregation has come back from the anals of history, led once again by the Democratic party. Sprouting up from a generation who was told feelings are most important; a generation where everyone gets a trophy; a generation educated in false-histories and mis-truths about America; a generation who was raised to believe everyone was equal.  

Only a few generations have past since Americans of all races stood up against Jim Crow laws and the racist ideals of the Democrat party.  It only took a few decades for progressive liberals to demand to be returned to the segregated world, which thousands died to end.

Altering the phrase slightly, for a 21st Century twist, Safe Spaces have become a normal concept across America.  A space reserved for a single gender or race, while excluding others exclusively for their race or gender.  What happened to equality?

This archaic concept of separation of races is anti-American, anti-liberty, and anti-freedom, and has no place in the 21st Century.  Race is never a proper tool for categorizing human beings.

All men are created equal, and it’s about time America lives up to this 250 year old promise.

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