A Look Back: 2016 Rewind

Another year has flown by, and for once it is probably a good thing.  From terror attacks to computer hacks, 2016 was a year for the record books.  Any attempt to catalogue the plethora of ‘breaking news’ items would fill volumes of books, therefore, let us look at a few of the events with major historical significance.

  • Supreme Court Vacancy

The vacant seat left by Antonin Scalia on the supreme court still sits empty.  Flip-Flop master Harry Reid has demanded the Senate approve President Obama’s nomination, Merrick Garland, despite his demand in 2008 the Senate wait for the people’s choice for President, Barack Obama to take office before doing the same.  Thankfully for America, GOP senators have stood strong and took Reid’s 2008 advice.  Soon America will have a conservative justice to replace the honorable Scalia, saving the future for our American culture.  

  • Syrian Civil War

Many people have heard about Syria, yet many do not realize this civil war has multiple proxies supporting the three, if not more, sides in a highly misunderstood conflict.  Even one of the American presidential candidates did not know about a major city facing a humanitarian crisis.  What is Aleppo?   Many seem to have answers about this conflict, yet how can solutions be found when Iran, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Syrian government, ISIS, the Syrian rebels, and the USA are all involved in what is described on the outside as a Syrian Civil War?

  • Anti-Police Rhetoric

The debate has raged over the origins of the rise in anti-police behavior.  More importantly, everyday more police officers are being singled out and attacked for nothing more than taking an oath to serve and protect the citizens of America.  Millions of Americans, of all types, have interactions with law enforcement on a daily basis and have zero issues.  Rules for peaceful interactions with law enforcement are the same as rules for peaceful interactions with society as a whole: follow the law, respect authority, and be civil.  

  • PC Agenda Pushback

Americans have been inundated from multiple directions with censorship not seen since the days of the Iron Curtain.  Almost daily, regulatory agencies, administrative bodies, and educational boards have changed the vernacular of the daily American.  Remember Illegal Alien, Handicapped, even he/she is in danger recently.  Recently the pushback began, Americans of all walks of life have resoundingly rejected the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda, electing Governors, State House members, Congressmen, and our President-elect Trump to fight back and bring freedom, liberty, and our bill of rights back to governance.

  • Europe Terror Attacks

Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Belgium,  when will the list end?  Europe has opened it’s borders, unlike the nations to the East, South, and West of war ridden areas of the Middle East, to an influx of refugees, with numbers rivaling the Christian refugees forced out of the Middle East fifteen hundred years ago.  The inability to properly vet people and a misunderstanding of the concept of Islamic Jihad, or terrorism, has led to destruction on an epic scale.  Lucky for America, the people on this side of the pond were smart enough to see this coming and voted for a return to logic and reasoning.

  • DNC / CNN / Hillary Campaign Collusion

In an unprecedented act, a major news outlet, a major political party, and a presidential campaign colluded in an attempt to circumvent the American people’s voice.  Politics has always had a negative connotation in a majority of Americans minds, but this new level of shady deals and unethical activity has pushed the limits of what the extreme alt-left is willing to do to retain power and authority over the American people.

  • Rise of “Fake News”

In the post-election landscape many on the left, never being told no in their lives, never being made to deal with losing, have resorted to accusations of ‘fake news’ having construed the election.  The question is what is fake news?  Brian Williams lying on NBC news?  All major news outlets espousing the false narrative “Hands Up Don’t Shoot?”   Is a satirical news outlet to blame if people have not been taught the skills of logic and reasoning to know satire from reality?   The calls for censorship from the intolerant left are a direct attack on freedom and liberty.  America should never censor ideas or thought, we should educate everyone to analyze and learn the truth for themselves.

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