50 Sovereign States, United.

One would imagine every aspect of the election process would have been dissected over the previous month, with electoral college “fairness” being the major topic of a majority of news outlets.

Regardless of political leaning, the media coverage over the past month has been a flood of experts detailing their opinion of either the ‘archaic’ or ‘fundamental’ concept of the Electoral College.  Jumping to this middle point in the debate misses a key aspect of our Republic, we are 50 sovereign States, plus territories and the District, and have never had a national election.  

The United States was created by sovereign States. Finally independent from the King of England, representatives of the people voted to establish a union of States for the mutual benefit and protection of the people.  

Ensuring the sovereignty of the States in the United States, our founders created a multitude of limits and rules to ensure a limited federal government and a free people. Securing States rights, sovereignty, and fair representation would ensure no one State could overpower another.  

Fair representation of the smaller States was vital to the creation and success of our great Nation.

Leaving voting mechanisms to the States, perfectly outlines our founders belief in sovereignty. Setting up independent elections beyond the scope of federal authority, our founders made one thing clear, we do not have a national election.

50 independent States have elections, one-person one-vote, and make their choice, as a sovereign State for the person to represent them as their National Chief Executive. States have the right to determine how this choice is made, while some divide electoral votes, a majority are a simple winner of the popular vote wins the State.  

The founding principle of fair representation led to the creation of the electoral college, giving each sovereign State a true voice in the election of the their chosen leader.  

With no Electoral College, the sovereign States which make up the United States would have to agree on a new way to determine their agreed upon selection for President. To create a national election, the Constitution would have to be amended to alter the rights which the States cede to Federal authority, something which should scare every American. 

Many point out the Electoral College protects small States, yet it actually it gives weight to larger populations, giving California the largest voice in the nation.

With the largest population, the electoral college gives California 20% of the electoral votes needed to win an election. States with the minimum electors, three, only have 1% of the electoral votes to win.  How are people in the large States crying foul?

The sovereign States, united together to form our Republic have rights to fair representation in our government.  Many in the media world debate the finer points of issues, assuming the opposition knows the basics. We are not a democracy, and many have been done the ill-service of being taught such a claim.  

Let us do the future a favor and ensure everyone knows the forgotten truth, we are a Republic of 50 sovereign States, united.

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